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The So-Called Mandela Effect Explained

Eli Whitney

Mandela Effect EXPLAINED - Eli Whitney

He's white, obviously, but there is an interesting story about the cotton gin, the irony of its invention and who deserves the credit.**the "brass ankles** mentioned in the video were mostly Cherokee...

The Scarecrow's Gun

Mandela Effect EXPLAINED - Scarecrow's Gun

This one is actually pretty interesting. The scene in which they were carrying weapons was sometimes cut from the tv versions of the film, mostly due to time and advertising.My oldest sister remember...

Risky Business & Moonraker

Mandela Effect EXPLAINED - Risky Business & Moonraker

My latest "mandela effect" video. The sunglasses are basically what ties together everyone's memory of that movie in general, because they were iconic to Tom's character in the film. HE DID NOT WEAR T...

Commentary & Deconstruction

the 2008 election Deconstructed

the 2008 "election" deconstructed

An examination of the 2008 election and NC as a battleground state.From the audioblog archives.

Gettysburg - Culp's Hill Deconstructed

Gettysburg Deconstructed - Culp's Hill

A brief commentary by Skip Pulley on a "what if" scenario involving the army of northern virginia successfully taking Culp's Hill at Gettysburg lead by Stonewall Jackson if he had survived the battle ...

The 2008 DNC deconstructed

Time in Outer Space - 2008 DNC

Time in Outer Space - Freedom vs. Liberty, # 36: the DNC pre-game showThe groundbreaking 2005 Documentary Freedom vs. Liberty is now a Web TV Show. Hosted and directed by Skip Pulley, this show is...