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Skip Pulley

the Wildcat Kahuna

Guidance, Philosophy, Direction & Balance


Catharsis Books & Vinyl, Malchick Films & Kahuna Life

980.242.1773 ○ 704.931.1019

Artist ○ Philosopher ○ Technician ○ Naturopath

Here are some of my featured instructional videos

in How-To & Life Hacks.

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Terminating Cat5e-Cat6 Cables using EZ Connectors

Terminating Cat5e-Cat6 cable using EZ-Connectors

This is an introductory video for beginners in terminating copper network cables (ethernet).The wire (or pin) sequece for a patch (or straight through) connection is as follows:white/orangeorang...

Easy, Affordable DIY Home Theater System

Easy Affordable DIY Home Theater System

I basically created a quadraphonic sound system for the TV. I combined two 2.1 channel speaker sets including sub-woofers.*I keep calling that freaking thing a coupler, but I know it's called a split...